The customer-specificconnectorthe Salesforce Integration Cloud


With SKYVVA of the Salesforce Integration Cloud, your customer-specific requirements can be developed according to your specifications. Despite a large number of ready-made connectors, it often happens that no suitable connector is available for the integration of an exotic application. With the Custom Connect, your customer-specific requirements can be developed according to your own specifications.

Salesforce Integration Cloud Custom Connect


Custom Connect

SKYVVA Orchestration Salesforce Integration Cloud Custom Connect

With the existing connector family from SKYVVA, a multitude of applications, systems and platforms for integration with and from Salesforce are already possible. Nevertheless, new requirements for the integration of an exotic system can quickly arise that were unthinkable until recently. In such cases a complete programming of the integration would normally be unavoidable, one would not have frameworks and libraries at one's disposal, which make a fast, simple and effective extension of the connectors possible.

With the SKYVVA Salesforce Integration Cloud Custom Connect, such a framework is available and also in libraries that serve the new development of connectors. Based on already existing connector template and skeleton, a new connector can be developed for integration into a previously unknown system. A new connector can be implemented directly with the Apex or Java Connector Framework.


Use Cases

ERP System Abacus Connector

Integration to unknown ERP Systems... Abacus. Abacus is an ERP software specially designed for medium-sized companies. Since the ERP Connect did not come with a connector, the Abacus Connector was developed as part of a customer project.

Processing Unstructured Data

With the Custom Connect a multitude of data can be read, which are available in certain formats such as CSV, XML or Json. However, if the data is available in a completely unstructured format, such as a free text with relevant data or export files from a CAD system, these data must be accessed individually with a special logic.

Custom Connector use case

Connection to previously unknown Middleware

SKYVVA provides an important added value for the Salesforce integration via a middleware because of the additional functions on the Salesforce website. The SKYVVA Middleware Connect has connectors for middleware known in the market. Since the market for middleware is constantly in motion and many new manufacturers appear, in this case also a Custom Connect for this middleware can be realized with the SKYVVA Connector Frameworks and Libraries.