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Our Cloud Connect connects the Salesforce Cloud with any type of cloud applications from other vendors and platforms. This includes providers such as Amazon or Google etc..



Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect from SKYVVA Integration

SKYVVA Cloud Connect enables seamless integration of the Salesforce platform with other cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Alibaba. Thus, the existing services & applications, the platforms mentioned, can be used for the handling of customer processes.  

With our generic approach and the use of standard technologies based on REST and SOAP, the API of platforms is consumed. It does not matter in which techniques, SOAP or REST, the API is available. The Cloud Connect allows to consume the old and new API equally.

Calling the API requires a lot of programming effort, because the developer has to have a lot of experience and knowledge in HTTP programming. Our Cloud Connect allows you to configure the API call via a graphical user interface without having to program. 


Use Cases

Google Geolocation Cloud Connect

Google Geo Location

With Cloud Connect it is possible to optimize a service route with Google Geo-Location API. For example, the routes for service trips are optimized in order to save costs. The Google Geo-Location API is called from the Salesforce Service Cloud via SKYVVA to determine the position of the service technicians. This enables the journey to the next customer visit to be optimised.

Service Orchestration of the API in Salesforce

Service Orchestration of the API in Salesforce

Service orchestration means that the existing services are made available by different companies as APIs, e.g. when paying with Paypal or the SCHUFA credit check. These services are required for the execution of business processes such as customer credit checks. Linking these services results in a new process that SKYVVA supports by orchestrating the API.

Multi Cloud with Cloud Connect

Multi Cloud

The Salesforce Cloud meets the business needs of customer relationships and optimizes the service deployment of service technicians. A single cloud is not enough to meet business goals. Additional cloud applications on other clouds are needed to apply the daily business processes on the Salesforce platform. This means that Salesforce as a single cloud is not sufficient. Here the Salesforce Cloud must be integrated into other cloud providers. SKYVVA enables multi-cloud integration with the Salesforce platform without the need for middleware.