Summer ´19 Rlease SKYVVA

Release Summer ´19 SKYVVA – Official Version 2.43


Summer ´19 Release

Das Summer ´19 Release ist in der SKYVVA Official Version 2.43 ab sofort verfügbar. Das Release kann über die nachstehenden Downloads für Ihre Sandbox oder die Produkts-/Entwickler Organisationen aktualisiert werden:

  • Sandbox Organisationen
  • / Free Version
  • Produkts-/ Entwickler Organisationen
  • / Free Version

Neue Features

Die Highlights des Summer ´19 Releases finden Sie in der folgenden Kurzübersicht:

  • Response mapping using message type for API integrate Synchronous
  • Enhance workflow view because of the hierarchical interface
  • Configure the whole integration to SAP (direct) from Salesforce
  • Send Salesforce CDC Change Event to the receiver through our outbound interface
  • The new version of integrating to speed up the processing
  • Simplify Error handling for asynchronous outbound -BAPI to ABAP-Adapter
  • Enhance operation query to use free define target structure for mapping
  • CDC – Support to sent message in case of Undelete
  • Conversion table as mapping formula
  • Activate and Deactivate the adapter
  • What to do with the failed message with the same external Id?
  • Publish Event using SKYVVA interface
  • Allow ping for soap, rest and all others adapter
  • SOQL Statement for the outbound interface can be empty
  • Display Columns Tree of the hierarchical XML in Manual Load
  • Make Change on Stop By Admin with Push Data In Batch Processing
  • Enhancing the MessageType validation for easier use
  • By-passing message layer in any case
  • New field External Message Id in the massage table
  • Add new field ‘Comment’ on the message monitor to filter the comment field
  • Option to exclude Interface name on the message search page
  • Message monitoring- Comment field in a search filter to search message by comment
  • Related To link on the message monitor
  • Filter scheduler by its status
  • Add new filter on the license tab key to select users
  • Separate Batch and Bulk between Processing and Reprocessing on Functional Category
  • Operation type = Apex Class to execute the post-processing after the mapping step
  • Send Salesforce CDC data change to the external client without having the CometD support
  • Using apex trigger to consume the CDC event or platform event to create CP records
  • Add filter condition on a lookup field in Metadata
  • Add the ID of parent interface into the parent interface field in child interface
  • Show all messages from the basket in History Basket
  • Create a link for the failed message in pending message in the message detail view
  • Change section Message Processing Step to Custom Plug-in to SKYVVA Processing Block
  • Create new fields in Agent Setting and Agent Property
  • Create MsgType base on the Open API 3.0 file format
  • Implement SKYVVA Trigger to support with the lightning version by using Quick Action
  • Integration and Interface Overview tab on Agent Control Board with LWC

Bug Fixes

  • Handling soap fault messages
  • Message type which is constructed using Salesforce sObject is not shown correctly in the mapping editor
  • IStructure Repository and MessageType’s child table should only show Child only
  • Add additional property to the JSON schema and open API 2.0 parser to support the array and required node
  • Got error on Apply Filters scheduler on Admin tab
  • Fix bug on the XSD and JSON Schema parser where it should create Istructure instead of MessageType
  • Long Comment sent from SOAP UI doesn’t work
  • Named Metadata Provider file like its name in produce
  • Unable to create SFDC2SAPPI adapter with full URL
  • SKYVVA__PARENTID generate incorrect in Target Path
  • Not allow show subinterface in Interface Name picklist
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