The SKYVVA Integration App is the first solution on the Salesforce platform for integration between Salesforce and other systems, platforms, and applications. Our solutionsare inside the Salesforce platform and enable e.g. a smooth data integration.

  • Salesforce Look & Feel
  • No separate middleware necessary
  • No installation required
  • Inside Salesforce: Alerting, Monitoring, Reprozessing
Data Integration SKYVVA


On the Salesforce platform

In 2010, Apsara Consulting GmbH developed "SKYVVA", the first integration service on the Salesforce platform. Over the years, the app developed into an all-inclusive solution with all the necessary integration functionalities to connect external systems to and from Salesforce. No middleware is required here.

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A data integration

Native on the Salesforce platform

Uniform & homogeneous technology

The architecture of our solution makes it possible to use the Salesforce platform as a central link for the integration of Salesforce processes with external applications.

Inside the Salesforce Platform

Our integration solution is the wheel for obtaining all required data from any external system. Thus SKYVVA is the digital backbone of data integration in the Salesforce platform.

Additional features of the integration

In addition to the sObjects CRUD operations, we offer additional features for end users, developers and administrators via API connectivity.

Salesforce-2-Any & Any-2-Salesforce

Our solution is the hub and integrative hub on the Salesforce platform that supports integration in all directions.

SKYVVA Orchestration Plattform


Also within SAP

All solutions are native within SAP, SAP Process Orchestration and built on Salesforce.com. These connectors enable seamless integration without technology disruption. Existing solutions on the market follow the principle of using their own platform. Therefore, these solutions are located outside the Salesforce platform. The SKYVVA Integration Cloud App is designed to use all force.com services, the force.com technology stack and the seamless integration of the business functionality of force.com apps. This is independent of whether it is Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing or other ISV apps.

The right Contact Person for every Integration Scenario

Strategic & Local Implementation Partners
Setting up a CRM system from scratch in an existing system landscape is anything but trivial. For us, it has paid off to have Apsara Consulting at our side, a solution provider who knows both worlds - SAP and Salesforce - extremely well and can provide the right solution for our system landscape.

Michael Ringlebe

Program Manager CRM - Viessmann IT Service GmbH