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In the success stories of our SKYVVA customers you can learn more about best practice applications of the native Cloud Integration App, as well as success stories from theconsulting area with an SAP and Salesforce Integration.

Success Stories SKYVVA Integration Cloud


Success Stories

Data Migration SMA Solar Technology AG

SMA Solar Technology AG

Sunny prospects for sales and service with data migration from SKYVVA The specialist for photovoltaic inverters SMA Solar Technology AG introduced the Salesforce Cloud for worldwide sales and service. To ensure error-free data exchange and data migration, SMA invested in the SKYVVA integration solution. When SMA Solar Technology AG talks about the energy supply of the future, it is inevitably also about digital networking. Now the specialist for photovoltaic inverters has given its worldwide s ...

Siemens Industry SAP Consulting

Siemens Industry

SAP Consulting for Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technology Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies have established the central PMD product master data procedure as a basis for supplying products for their sales regions worldwide. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP-XI) is used as an integral component for the distribution and synchronization of product master data. Apsara Consulting has been supporting us for many years in ensuring the functionality and quality of the interf ...

Salesforce SAP Integration Viessmann Group Success Stories

Viessmann Group

A comprehensive look at Salesforce SAP integration from the customer Viessmann After the introduction of the CRM system Salesforce, the Viessmann Group implemented the integration solution SKYVVA in order to establish a perfect connection to the ERP system SAP and Saleforce. Viessmann is now one of our long-time customers for whom the SKYVVA Salesforce SAP integration solution has proven itself. Industry 4.0, digitization, networking - the heating system manufacturer Viessmann in Allendorf an ...

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