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Apsara Consulting GmbH is an SAP partner and develops new applications on the new SAP cloud platforms. Our technical adapters are SAP certified Since our foundation, we have been offering services in the SAP environment to extend, adapt and optimize SAP applications.

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SAP development field

Despite the digitalization of business processes and the era of apps on mobile and cloud platforms, SAP is still the standard for backend ERP applications. This is not least due to the expandability and adaptability of the SAP platforms and the open architecture of their application modules such as SD, MM, FI, CO etc. Over several decades, SAP has been adapted and extended to its own business processes, so that the processes are now already optimized. Many companies therefore pursue the strategy of expansion and modernization instead of replacing existing SAP applications.

Extension of the SAP modules

...such as SD, MM, FI, CO.

Development of Web Services

...for example in SOAP and REST

Development of new applications

...based on the ABAP programming language

Design of data models

...with the SAP Data Dictionary

Customizing of ALE & IDoc development, extension and adaptation of new or existing standards IDoc

Migration of old ABAP programs S/4HANA with new language elements

Development of new Cloud Apps

...on the SAP Cloud Platform

Integration to S/4HANA

...using an API integration


Integration environment with SAP technologies

In addition to the classic development topics, we are the experts in the integration environment and advise customers in the area of SAP integration with the SAP-PI/PO (Process Integration/Process Orchestration) module. We are equally proficient in the new cloud integration topics such as SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration). With the development of adapters that run on the SAP-PI/PO and CPI platforms, we have a deep technical know-how and can bring our experience to your requirements. 

We concentrate on a few topics from the technology environment in order to be able to apply our knowledge precisely and purposefully. Our approach is to focus and specialize on topics of SAP development, technology, platform and integration. We offer the following services in the integration environment with SAP technologies and tools:

Configuration of different adapters connect applications and systems.

Development and design of interfaces

...with SAP PI/PO and CPI.

Development of integration scenarios

...using SAP Open Cloud Connectors.

Configuration of interfaces

...with SAP PI/PO and CPI.

Creation and adaptation of a mapping

...using Java and groovy.

Concept & design of integration scenarios

Generation & Creation of ABAP Proxy

Architecture consulting for integration technologies

Salesforce Zertifikat SAP Zertifizierung


SAP Partner

In the integration environment, Apsara Consulting GmbH develops technical adapters for SAP application components, both for the cloud and on-premise solutions. New technologies and paradigm shifts require close cooperation with the solution and platform provider in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Therefore, the partnership with SAP is a cornerstone and a promise from our side to meet the standards and quality requirements of SAP.

Our technical adapters are certified by SAP. We are SAP Cloud Partner and develop new applications on the new SAP Cloud platforms.