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SAP Range

Process Orchestration

As a reliable technology expert for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI), we work together with our customers to develop solutions that represent a lasting productivity gain for your company and thus contribute to a sustained increase in the value contribution of your IT. Thanks to our experience gained since the Ramp Up projects from 2003 to today, you profit from our know-how and save money.

NetWeaver Platform

You want to ensure the stability of your running system, increase performance, facilitate administration, You just want your systems to run worry-free around the clock. Our experienced experts provide the solutions with their many years of know-how.

SAP NetWeaver solutions are nowadays complex landscape and differ greatly from a single ERP installation as you exist early. The NetWeaver landscapes are closely interlinked and must therefore be taken into account during planning. As a NetWeaver Expertise Solution Group, we already know the possible sources of error in the design and planning phase.

ABAP Development

You will find development expertise in all SAP modules / Business Suite Solutions as well as the latest SAP NetWeaver technologies. Our continuous adaptation of innovations and future technologies hand in hand with SAP secures our customers a long-term investment.

Apsara Consulting GmbH

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85737 Ismaning (Germany)
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