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Apsara has a lot of experience in developing apps on the Salesforce platform, as the SKYVVA Integration App was developed entirely in the APEX programming language and according to Salesforce technologies. In addition to development, Apsara Consulting GmbH advises customers on the administration of the Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce environment

The Salesforce apps such as Sales, Service, Marketing, and Community Cloud have predefined standard processes Thus, these apps cover a part of the existing processes in the company. The SKYVVA Integration App was also developed entirely in the APEX programming language and according to Salesforce technologies. 

Besides the development of apps, we help customers to administrate the platform. Such as adapting roles and profiles, creating and managing users and extending standard objects. We support you in questions concerning the Salesforce platform architecture, with its cloud-specific features. Apsara Consulting GmbH offers the following services in the Salesforce environment:

Customization and development of all types of apps on the Salesforce platform using the APEX programming language.

Observe the various governor limits such as CPU limit, heap size limit, etc. Use of the right built-in tools such as Process Builder, Salesforce Flow for the development of the app.

Consulting in the various integration techniques and implementation with the SKYVVA App.

Extension and development of new adapters using the Apex Connect and the SKYVVA Custom Connect Framework.

Apex logic for the different triggers after the database operation, such as After INSERT, After UPDATE, etc.

Modelling business processes with the Process Builder, such as checking budget overruns.

Model business processes with Salesforce Flow and develop flow action for any type of business logic.

User administration, adaptation of layout, creation of profiles and roles, etc.

Salesforce Partner SKYVVA Dienstleistung


ISV Salesforce Partner

Salesforce has created a platform with its cloud that not only technologically set a new paradigm (cloud computing), but also enables a variety of applications for every purpose. The marketplace for all these applications is the AppExchange, which has evolved into a platform economy and a central place for partners. Apsara Consulting GmbH has been an ISV Salesforce Partnersince its foundation.

With the SKYVVA Integration App we represent a part of the Salesforce platform economy for integration services. This partnership allows us as app developers to access the latest technologies, beta versions, and development resources to keep our app ahead of the game.

In addition, the Salesforce partnership forms the basis for a trustworthy cooperation and ensures through the Security Review that the partners adhere to the high quality standards and security requirements.

Alexander Van Helden
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Great solution for integration with SAP - At AkzoNobel were are using SKYVVA more than 2 year to our satisfaction. We choose SKYVVA because we were looking for an agile End-To-End communication iPaaS solution between Salesforce and SAP but also we expected our integration partner to demonstrate adequate Salesforce and SAP PI knowhow.
Emilien Guichard
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Very great solution to integrate files and to automate it - We are Salesforce Certified Partner and we implement SKYVVA for almost all our client. This is simply the best solution to integrate data using a file. It's easy to set up and to maintain over time. We can do all in Salesforce without having to install third party software (which always depends on your platform and OS) and reprocess the errors directly. Moreover, the first Edition with manual loading is free.
Bernd Bube
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100% Cloud based Salesforce & ISV Partner Apps Integration - For ADvendio SKYVVA´s natively built and powered Integration App is a perfect fit. ADvendio customers can integrate seamlessly any kind of backoffice application, databases or flat files making any 3rd party middlware or cloud infrastructure obsolete. Avendio strongly recommends other ISV partner´s to have a look at SKYVVA.


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