Release Spring 2.45

Release Spring ´20 SKYVVA – Official Version 2.45


Spring ´20 Release

The  Spring ´20  Release is now available in SKYVVA Official Version 2.45. The release can be updated for your sandbox or the product/developer organizations via the downloads below:

  • Sandbox Organization
  • / Free Version
  • Production/Developer Organization
  • / Free Version

New Features

The Highlights of the Spring´20 release can be found in the following brief overview:

  • Created MessageType from SAP with IDOC Tables/View and BAPI/RFCs
  • Created MesasageType for Database with Table, View and stored procedure
  • Custom layout for interface Details Page
  • Added Messages Board Button in Interface Header Page
  • New Version V3 of CDC Outbound Processing
  • Added Select All and Deselect All button in Mapping Tool
  • New Agent with Camel technologies
  • Enhanced and added the new adapter
  • Enhancement of the old agent control board
  • Enhanced mapping tool to set filters condition of Context Level
  • Automatically assign MessageType of Service Name based on the interface type
  • Generate namespace for Soap Adapter
  • Added Monitor Tab in Batch and Bulk Control Board
  • Added Scrollbar for viewing the hierarchical messages
  • Added XSD generation for the response template of V3 inbound processing API
  • Custom layout for SOQL Query for filter sObject section in interface Details Page
  • SKYVVA REST Adapter support with XML payload
  • Response interface support with the different fault message
  • Added New “Export MetaData” Action Button in the Message type
  • Pushing raw data in manual load
  • Enhanced File and FTP of old agent adapter
  • Enhanced SKYVVA Trigger to generate invokeCallout2() and invokeCallout3()
  • Remove all validation mapping while using custom processing
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