SKYVVA Integration Cloud

The Winter 19 release is now available in lightning patch version 2.41.2 .
The highlights of the Winter 19 releases in a short overview:

  • New Feature
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe button on the interface screen Agent Control Board
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Response message of a synchronous outbound call is in status Pending
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe button on the interface screen Agent Control Board
  • WG: Developer script exception from Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG : IServices : Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, Queue Name: data value too large: a0N5800000Bgdr0EAB-a0O58000003pyRZEAY-a0P58000006dhQpEAI-EOIO-Customer_
  • Notification for Fields: Where not work
  • Issue using the Process Builder with Skyvva
  • Chang checkbox color of has child in repository and message type
  • Get strange message description on Message Monitoring tab
  • Error pagination on CDC Control Board
  • Export data on integration as xml and csv not correct file
  • Get strange behavior on Scheduler tab in Batch Control Board
  • Manual Load page get crash when we upload many records
  • Numbering of sequence for Massage Type show not correct
  • Issue on Creation Date with Time Zone
  • SOAP and REST Adapter still uses the field Value2__c from the Property__c
  • Fixed Error in Lightning version when enable debug mode
  • Error some button in Manage Middleware WSDLs
  • Error with CDC component
  • Issue on Created Date and Last Modified Date with Time Zone in CDC Control Board
Summer 18 Release Note

SKYVVA Integration Agent

With the Winter 19 release, the following enhancements
are available with the new SKYVVA Integration Agent version 1.48:

  • New feature in the current version are as shown in the following:
  • Enhance Agent to be a HTTP-Server
  • Server Configuration on Agent UI
  • Support Stored Procedure for Oracle
  • Use field "Package Size" on interface level with Agent
  • Upload database structure like table, stored procedure into the repository as message type
  • Use SQLite for the Agent database and Move all file base configuration to SQLite
  • Automatic move to SQLite database
  • Move Crontab file to database
  • Test Connection for every adapter from Salesforce
  • Agent with offline mode and online mode
  • Agent Schedule use properties file in SQLite database
  • Change Agent Scheduler to use crontab in database
  • Agent Support real bulk mode like Salesforce Data Loader
  • Create New button Export and Import Properties file in Integration Properties Setup
  • Streaming API run in background service
  • Bug failed in the current version are as shown in the following:
  • Notification For Operation : Delete doesn't work
  • After Processing: Backup File not work with Adapter Type FTP in Agent
Release Note V 1.47
gartner logo
gartner logo

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform-as-a Service
Gartner | January 2014

Following the "Cool Vendor 2012", the international analyst company Gartner Group selected SKYVVA for the newly created iPaaS magic quadrant 2014

SKYVVA iPaaS was again selected by Gartner as a candidate for xPaaS 2017
Gartner | October 2016

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85737 Ismaning (Germany)

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