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With MuleSoft Connect, we have built SKYVVA, a service, decoupling and monitoring layer around Salesforce. Thus, a middleware like MuleSoft can not only send the data and act with the four basic operations, but also take the MuleSoft Salesforce integration to the next level with our API Monitor.

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MuleSoft Connect SKYVVA Integration


MuleSoft Connect

Without MuleSoft Connect, the business objects are implemented with the SOAP or REST API of Salesforce. However, the SOAP/REST API is kept very simple and knitted with a simple pattern, i.e. only the 4 basic operations (so-called CRUD operations) are provided. With these, an sObject e.g. account can be created, i.e. Create ( C ), Read ( R ), Update ( U ) or Delete ( D ). However, an enterprise-class integration with Salesforce cannot work with these.

So how to implement if you need business logic beyond these 4 basic operations? What happens if you transfer the data completely without the possibility of a previous validation? Such questions and further functional requirements cannot be implemented with the 4 basic operations.

For this reason we have built a service, decoupling and monitoring layer around Salesforce with SKYVVA.


MuleSoft Connect

With MuleSoft Connect, a middleware like MuleSoft can not only send the data and act with the 4 basic operations, but there are many more functionalities available as shown in the diagram. Here SKYVVA can provide a qualitative leap and all MuleSoft customers with Salesforce integration can enjoy the benefits of this added value. This is a prerequisite if you want to use the following added values:

  • Transaction Processing
  • CDC Application
  • Message Queuing
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Reprocessing
  • App. Acknowledgement
  • Enhancement (flow, apex)
  • Integration Apps
MuleSoft Connect
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Customer Use Case

SKYVVA as Service and API Layer

SKYVVA as an Add-On