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Data integration

The importance of web servers and HTTP servers can be clearly seen in Google’s core business. Therefore an integration to a web server is important and is offered by the SKYVVA HTTP Connect.

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HTTP Connect

SKYVVA Orchestration HTTP Connect

HTTP servers make resources available for download, e.g. in the form of files with different contents. The files can be created by different applications and stored there in HTTP folders. It can contain files for orders, quotes, products, prices, etc. in formats such as CSV, XLS, XML, or Json that should be imported into Salesforce. The import function of HTTP Connect makes it possible to download the files from the HTTP servers and process them in Salesforce.

On the other hand, the upload and export function of the HTTP Connect allows you to extract the data from Salesforce and make it available on the HTTP servers. In this way, Salesforce data from customers, contacts, quotes, and orders can be made available to other applications. The data can be exported in the most diverse and common formats such as CSV, Excel, XML and Json.


Use Cases with HTTP Connect

HTTP Connect provides an easy way to share data to and from Salesforce with automatic import and export capabilities. No complicated techniques, protocols, or additional software such as middleware are required. Which has to be set up in a complex and costly way and is oversized for the simple purpose. Simply use the web server available in your company.   

Data such as customers, contacts, and quotes can be exported from Salesforce and made available as files on the HTTP server.

Data from the files on the HTTP servers can be read and processed in Salesforce.

Use your existing HTTP server to exchange data between Salesforce and your applications. With HTTP Connect, you can immediately use your existing HTTP server as a data exchange platform with little effort. Because the HTTP server already exists, is up and running in the enterprise, it is a cost-effective data integration solution between Salesforce and the applications in your enterprise.