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Customer view

Behind the 360-degree customer view is the notion that companies can get a complete view of the customer. This involves aggregating data from various contact points through which a customer comes into contact with a company in order to purchase products and receive service and support.

  • Bring your ERP backend into the Salesforce Cloud
  • Avoid breaks in customer processes with your ERP system
  • Activate your business agility with your ERP system
  • Stay connected to your current ERP system data
  • Reduction of TCO through an integrated system
Salesforce Data Loader SKYVVA Integration


ERP Connect

ERP Connect SKYVVA Integration

SKYVVA ERP Connect does not require any additional middleware to integrate your ERP systems in order to achieve the highest performance without friction losses. Your ERP system maps all business processes such as quotation and order management, delivery, scheduling, financial accounting and cost control. Thus, the ERP functions represent a production factor and represent the entire value chain of a company.

Their importance and significance is very high, so that damage in the case of a lack of or insufficient integration is serious and deep integration is out of the question. For this reason, SKYVVA offers ready-made integration scenarios for some ERP systems, such as SAP, which can be implemented immediately.


Use Cases with ERP Connect Systems

SAP Integration

SKYVVA offers ready-to-use integration scenarios such as accounts and contact synchronisation in bidirectional directions. This so-called Integration App contains scenarios for the Sales and Service Cloud.

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Integration zu INFOR LN bzw. M3

With the INFOR Edition, SKYVVA also offers a ready-made predefined integration via the BOD format of INFOR.

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Integration zu Microsoft Dynamics

With Microsoft Dynamics, integration is possible via the web service, e.g. for the creation of orders, sales and prices.

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