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External business partners or home office employees who do not have access to the Salesforce organization can use our Salesforce Email Integration to send CSV or XML files. The CSV or XML file is sent as an attachment with the email to the appropriate Salesforce org. As soon as the message arrives in the mailbox, the data import is initiated and the data is automatically imported to the Salesforce-Org. Salesforce email Integration Email Connect

Salesforce email Integration E-Mail Connect
Salesforce email integration mit SKYVVA


Salesforce Email Integration

E-mail clients are more powerful today and have many functions besides the actual receiving and sending of messages. For example, forwarding rules can be defined based on the subject to sort the emails to specific folders created for this purpose.

Contents of these mails, which contain important business data, can be extracted, processed and the associated actions can be triggered. For example, attachments to e-mails can contain an order from a customer, which is then forwarded to an order processing system.

This automation of business processes based on data from Salesforce, such as customers, leads, opportunities etc., can be realised using SKYVVA E-Mail Connect. For this purpose, the data, e.g. from a lead, is selected via the outbound interface and sent to the e-mail recipient as an attachment.


Use Cases

E-mails are not only used for the exchange of information between people, but are increasingly used by processes on the Web through the simplicity of their technology. In every company and private person, e-mail functionality is available on a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, browsers, etc.

All modern applications, such as Facebook, Twitter or websites, have the ability to send e-mail, which can contain important business data as an attachment. This data in the attachment can contain an order, for example, which triggers an order in Salesforce.

With Email Connect, Salesforce can receive email from other systems, applications, and software robots and process it like an incoming message. Rules can be defined for the text in the subject or for the actual email content to trigger actions to process the data. Attachments to the e-mails can contain business data such as an order from a customer from your online shop.

Best Pratices E-Mail Connect

E-mail notification

When an opportunity is closed, you can be notified by e-mail. With this use case, you can inform your salespeople by e-mail when, for example, the opportunity is won or lost.

Lead Funnel

For the so-called "lead funnel", i.e. the generation of leads from the Internet, an e-mail process can be set up very easily. The users of your website register on your homepage and this registration is converted to a lead in Salesforce.

Online ordering processes

Today, online shops and online trade represent a lucrative source of revenue. Here, users place orders that are sent to Salesforce as e-mail notifications. These incoming e-mails contain the order data as an attachment, which in turn must be booked.