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27.3 How to use eMail adapter?

This tutorial explains what email adapter is and how to configure it. It also describe the process of setting the email service on Salesforce.

1 What is email adapter?

Email adapter is support-sending email to Salesforce using an attachment (source file) to carry the business data. The functionality is to pass parameters to the email subject and body. You can pass business data with the subject and body. As soon as the Email arrives, the data import is initiated automatically.

2 The email adapter detail

2.1 The configuration of email service on Salesforce

This section will be explained the process of configuring the Email-Service on Salesforce.
You can follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to Salesforce and go to Setup then click on Custom Code.

  • Click button “New Email service” –

  • There are some field you must know on Email Service Information Page:
    – Email Service Name: E.g. E-mail Adapter
    – Apex Class: search for “IAdapterEmailDataLoader”
    – Accept Attachments: All
    – Check icon ‘Active’
    – On Failure Response Setting: Click on Dropbox field and configure how Salesforce response when an attempt     to access this email service falls for the reason show
    – Click on “Save and New Email Address”


Note: If you did not Check icon ‘Active’  the Email Service is created deactivated in this case you can of the active manually , You will see under Setup -> App Setup -> Custom Code-> Email Service -> Click on your Email Service Name :

  • Add Email Address name-


  • Email Address: –



2.2 The creating of an Email Adapter

For this part, the explanation will be focus on the creating of email adapter. To create
adapter you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to Integration Cloud (Note: To create email adapter it is necessary to select adapter from integration admin)
  • Click on the TAB “Adapter” than “New” and input the information in the require

 Name: E.g. E-mail Adapter
 Type: Select from the Dropbox=> Email => Click Save


2.2.1 The creating of property:-

Click on Adapter tab:-

  • Select File type as CSV-
  • Create Property-


2.2.2 Editing on Interface
You can enter your existing interface and do some editing by choosing adapter. E.g. Email Adapter.

2.2.Subject Line of your Email
Accept the email address from salesforce.com by email. The subject line of the email should read as follows: integration=your_IntegrationID;interface=Name_of_the_Interface
Note: Provide the IntegrationID and the name of the Interfaces. The IntegrationID is found in the URL of the actual Integration. When you are there, search for a 15-digit ID(id= ….)

– Attach the record that you want to import and send the email.


1. E-mail address generated by Salesforce (see page 4).
2. Integration=your_IntegrationID;interface=Name_of_the_Interface.
3. Record that you want to import (must be the same in structure implements our interface).
– In addition, send the email.
Note: Be sure to test the mapping of your integration first (manual upload). If this works, then get to work with the mail import


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