A manual

Import & Export

of data

The Salesforce Data Loader gives you instant access to import your legacy CSV or XML data into Salesforce.

  • Integrated in Salesforce / Salesforce Look & Feel
  • VLOOKUP - Upload of multiple & hierarchical objects
  • Automatic data renewal - avoids new data imports
  • Intuitive editor for connecting source and target fields
  •  SKYVVA APP Launcher
  •  Integration
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SKYVVA Salesforce Data Loader


Salesforce Data Loader

If data is to be imported into or exported from Salesforce quickly and easily, the Salesforce Data Loader provides a tool for manual import and export of data.

The Data Loader can import and export a wide variety of data formats such as CSV, XML, Excel and Json. This gives you a quick and easy way to import or export data to Salesforce without a lot of development effort. You can also use this tool for test purposes with your automatic integration.


Use Cases

Unlike other Data Migration Services or ETL tools, there is no need to install software on a local PC or server. You can read an introduction and comparison of the SKYVVA Data Loader to others in the blog post about the Best Free Data Loader from a Salesforce Ranger.

Manual Load Funktion + IChained

This use case is about the requirements - account, contact, and asset data to be uploaded to Salesforce in a CSV file in one step. This use case uses our Manual Load function in conjunction with IChained Interface.

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Flat XML File

This use case describes how to import a flat XML file. The SKYVVA Data Loader was developed to integrate data that supports the CSV / XML format via a manual file upload.

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XML File

This example describes how to import a hierarchical XML file. The SKYVVA Data Loader was developed to integrate data that supports the CSV / XML format via a manual file upload.

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Manual Load

In this described Use Case it is about uploading the account data in a CSV file to Salesforce. For this use case our Manual Load function is used.

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Salesforce Data Loader SKYVVA Integration


Salesforce Data Loader

SKYVVA's Data Migration Service is ideal for business analysts and administrators to manage the import of critical business information such as accounts, contacts, products, leads and orders in a timely manner, without having to rely on limited IT resources.
SKYVVA's Data Loader is a native Salesforce app and was developed to quickly upload XML/CSV flat files to Salesforce using manual load. The SKYVVA Data Migration Service is easy to use, intuitive and powerful. Integrations can be created in a short time and are supported by a graphical data mapping (drag & drop).


SKYVVA Data Migration Service

With the Salesforce Data Loader you have the possibility to import your old data, which is available in CSV or XML format, into Salesforce.

  • Integrated in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Look & Feel
  • Graphical Data Mapping Tool - Drag & Drop
  • Supports standard & custom objects
  • Allows mass data processing
  • Import multiple objects in one file in one step
Charles Oliveria
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Great for Eautomate - We provide salesforce.com and force.com implementation services for new customers. This is a great tool to import data. It has significantly more capability than data loader or the standard imports. If all you need is to map data from one file into salesforce.com, anyone can do it. If you need to change data and map it into salesforce.com, the tools make it very easy. The tools for mapping the data are as easy to use as excel formulas. One great feature is the ability to reprocess error records. All error records can be viewed, corrected, and reprocessed. Their support is fantastic. Great App from Skyvva!
Yuval Vardi
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Mind Blowing App!!! - Data loading multiple chained objects this is something that was missing in all Dataloader solutions so far - SKYVVA thought about everything and more. you can upload xml/CSV, map fields with drag &drop, use smart batches to load the data, Fix Errors easily - everything is done inside Salesforce and very fast and efficient. - This is a true Cloud solution. Worth every penny - and its free!!
Benoit Benaise
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Amazing app - Skyvva Data Loader is a great app to load your data into salesforce. It's able to load every kind of objects in any edition! Moreover you get detailed logs and you can re-process records that failed (example : a wrong email address can be corrected online then the corresponding record inserted). Finally I will say that the Skyvva support is efficient.
Deirdre Meola
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Exceptional Support Team - I needed some help in getting started with the Free Data loader and received individualized training via GoToMeeting...this was above and beyond my expectations! The application looks simple to use and I can't wait to try my first data load. In comparison to some other competitors, I can't say enough about SKYVVA support.
RCMS Support
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Fantastic App - Does exactly what it says it does! I have been searching for an app that would allow me to upload any data on to any objects i.e Accounts. This even lets me upload on to custom objects that I have created and is so easy to use. I have spoken to the support team who are very helpful and quick to respond!! This has saved myself and my company endless amounts of hours we would have spent manually uploading our data. Thanks very much! Sinead
Joseph Gallagher
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Great time saver and very effective support - I used this data loader to replace the original force.com method of loading customer data, due to commonly rebuilding and changing environments, which was very time consuming. I found this loader saved my alot of time, and any problems I had were quickly and effectively addressed by the support team. The one issue I would say would be a lack of the ability to put a name space prefix on the outsourced XML code when moving from a plain developer environment to a customer specific environment. However this is a very minor issue, all in all an excellent download