Increase your data quality

Connect your on-premise to cloud

Reduce manuell processing to get data to Salesforce

Synchronize all information you need for your business

ust schedule your import and export - set and forget it

Many companies still have legacy systems in use or work with outside companies or partners and exchange data. This requires a lot of manual work to keep the data up to date, and is associated with high expenditure of time and labor costs.

SKYVVA Integration Cloud Data Connect Pack is an agile native solution to integrate remote data sources like database and files bi-directional. The core components are implemented on and can be integrated into Salesforce by downloading via the AppExchange.

No third party middleware is needed because of this direct architecture ( Platform).

All SKYVVA Integration Cloud App features are available such as graphical mapping, data transformation, monitoring and error handling. If you plan to automate the process in the future, data structures, mappings, etc. can easily reused for such automated scenarios.

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