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Our SKYVVA blog deals with various topics around Salesforce integrations. Our professional articles should support you in finding new ways & options for your integration project. We will introduce you to the possibilities and variants and show you the context in which the SKYVVA Integration App can be helpful.

SAP-Salesforce Integration Options and Variants

SAP is the world-leading ERP software offering for all size of enterprise the right business solution. It is your digital back tier core. On the other side, Sal ...

Why using a middleware only for Salesforce integration is not enough?

Salesforce is your digital front tier core for your customer success and you integrate ERP system such SAP, webshops such as Amazon or eBay, payment systems...

Why API alone is not enough for enterprise-class integration

What if I say, you don’t need to code a single line to perform enterprise-level Integration. Yes !! You heard right. Salesforce is all about low coding, but still...

SKYVVA a better Free Data Loader

While working on salesforce projects like data integration, daily I have to deal with data mapping, data import, export the data from spreadsheets, and then...


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