Streaming Data

through a seamless


With SKYVVA Any Connect, all types and types of legacy applications such as databases, data on local files or FTP/sFTP servers, on host computers, in queue systems or in other media can be connected via a variety of existing connectors.

Streaming Data mit Any Connect
SKYVVA Orchestration Any Connect


Any Connect

Pursuing the radical approach of complete renewal and replacing all old applications with new ones is not always possible for time, financial and economic reasons. This is because the old applications have been optimized over decades to meet the requirements and conditions of business processes. Small things as well as errors have been eliminated as far as possible. They represent a stable framework of the IT infrastructure for the fulfilment of daily business tasks. To integrate these old applications and to create the possibility to use them or their data with the new processes in Salesforce, a seamless and direct integration is required.


Use Cases

With Any Connect you have over 200+ possible connectors at your disposal, which can be realized with the help of the Apache Camel Framework. This allows Salesforce to integrate with any application in an IT landscape, eliminating the need for separate middleware.


Access to files on local servers and FTP or sFTP servers

Important data such as customer information, prices and products can still be found on old or FTP/sFTP servers. However, this information is required in the Salesforce platform. Conversely, legacy applications also require data in CSV, text, or XML formats from the Salesforce platform.


Access to databases

The heart of the legacy applications are databases for permanent data storage and as transaction systems. Therefore, the connection of various databases such as Oracle, MS SQL servers, Informix or MySQL is essential.


Publish & Subscribe from Kafka Event

So-called event-driven architecture has already found its way into application software development today. The Enterprise Event-Bus with the Apache Kafka is leading in this respect, as this is a widespread Open Source application. With Any Connect, Kafka events can be published or consumed from within Salesforce. This enables a hybrid event-driven architecture with the internal Salesforce platform event and the Kafka event.