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SKYVVA available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, and Database.com Editions

SKYVVA is a client application for the bulk import or export of data. Use it to insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records.

When importing data, Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma-separated values (CSV, XML) files or from a database connection. When exporting data, it outputs CSV, XML files.

SKYVVA integration app is the act of combining different cloud-based systems into an integral whole. The term may also refer to joining cloud-based systems with on-premises systems. The ultimate goal of cloud integration is to connect the distinct elements of various cloud and local resources into a single, universal environment that allows administrators to seamlessly access and manage applications, data, services, and systems.

How SKYVVA Integration app works

There is no single means of implementing the SKYVVA integration app, but there are several common concepts to consider.

For example, an IT team can achieve an SKYVVA integration app using mediation or federation. Mediation works between applications, the SKYVVA integration app platform recognizes an event in one application and then triggers a response that is sent to another connected application.

By comparison, federation acts as a front end for two or more federated applications where the SKYVVA integration app platform can intercept and process events from outside of those applications and trigger corresponding actions. It’s also possible to combine these two approaches so mediation handles the actions between applications and federation handles the actions from outside of the connected applications.

SKYVVA integration app can function asynchronously or synchronously depending on the communication taking place. Asynchronous integration communicates data and commands without having to wait on a response from the receiving application. This prevents unnecessary delays in sending or originating data because it does not need to wait for the receiving or target application to respond. Synchronous integration will wait for a response from the receiving application, which ensures the applications are fully synchronized before continuing.

SKYVVA Integration platforms

Commonly use adapters or connectors, which are SKYVVA software modules intended to interact with specific business applications. Thus, an SKYVVA integration platform can implement an Agent that handles security and authentication, while specific adapters accommodate the applications being integrated. The connector performs the communication and notifications.

Adapters can be for specific applications, such as SAP, or can be vendor-neutral, using standard communications protocols, such as simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) message exchanges, simple object access protocol (SOAP) messaging, application programming interfaces (APIs), and the Java connector architecture (JCA).

For data integration, SKYVVA integration platforms commonly use an application-independent data format, such as extensible markup language (XML). Each adapter will translate the application’s specific format to the independent format before it performs any translations or conversions, and can then exchange that common data with the receiving application.

Benefits of SKYVVA Integrating App

SKYVVA Integration App is a technology in which users can experience software, information, and resources that can be accessed through multiple devices over a network, usually the Internet. It allows the use of cloud applications without the hassle of installation and access to personal and business files from any location through remote Internet access. This technology can improve computing efficiencies by centralizing storage, bandwidth, memory, and processing.

SKYVVA is basically a physical location where IT resources such as operating systems, networks, computer hardware, databases, and storage and software applications can be stored and accessed instantly through an Internet connection. The SKYVVA allows incomparability, real-time information exchange, and agility making it a better choice for companies than just on-premise applications. To draw the maximum benefit from the SKYYVA, it is desirable to implement cloud computing integration of the multiple enterprise applications needed for various business processes in an organization. This helps to configure multiple on-premise or cloud applications to share data over the cloud.


Up-to-date Information: As all the applications on the SKYVVA are in-sync with each other, the end-users are able to fetch the most recent data or information related to various activities. A change made by one user reflects on another application almost instantaneously.

Improved functioning: Changing all the manual segments to automated ones improves the accuracy level of various operations. This facilitates friction-less system-to-system process automation and eventually improves the overall efficiency of information sharing.

Streamline business goals: Integration of businesses on SKYVVA, lines up the various aspects of a business like achievement or eCommerce management, logistics, etc. A clear projection of the various entities can be drawn from the perspective of the workforce.

Safe: Username & password is allocated to each and every user in order to verify themselves to gain access to SKYVVA. Set of security protocols are also followed so that the information can’t be modified/altered by someone who doesn’t have the access to do so.

Flexibility and Scalability: Enterprise applications and infrastructure’s integration with the SKYVVA facilitates a simple solution for organizations to upgrade or downgrade the version as per business requirements. This helps businesses to maintain the cost of various operations related to different projects or tasks.

Higher availability: SKYVVA integration app provides higher availability of different resources to the end-users. As all the services are hosted on a cloud, it improves the efficiency of the organization’s infrastructure. Since only an internet connection is needed to access this cloud, there is no limitation on boundaries or on-premises flexibility.

After installation how SKYVVA managed package look like, it contains Package Name, Publisher, Version Number, Namespace Prefix, Tabs, Objects, and many more.

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