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13. What is new in workflow with the Spring ’19 release?

Learning Objectives:-

This unit describes:-

What is new in workflow with the Spring ’19 release?


In this tutorial, we will come to know about new updates in Workflow with the Spring ’19 release. Mainly we have 3 more new features like „Status to set to when condition not met“, „Workflow Processing Mode“, „Runtime Behavior“. All three features are described in this tutorial.

Following new Workflow settings/features are added:-

  1. Status to set to when condition not met
  2. Workflow Processing Mode
  3. Runtime Behavior

Status to set to when a condition is not met:-

  • None: By default, „None“ is selected. No status of the message will be set if None is selected
  • Cancelled: In runtime, if conditions do not meet workflow step condition then the status is set to Cancelled.
  • Completed: For all successful workflows step conditions status is set to complete.
  • New:

Workflow Processing Mode:-

To use this feature, you need to configure some step:

  • Set up Workflow Mode on Account Interface.
  • Click on the Workflow Processing Mode picklist then choose “Pass only matched message to the next step”.  And
  • Then define workflow

We use this feature to pass the match condition message to the next step and remove the message which not match any condition. We provide one more value option for the user to desire their own needs business. For a release ’19 we offer new picklist in the interface:

  • Pass all messages to the next step -> this is the current behavior and should be set as the default value.
  • Pass only matched messages to the next step ->Message that matches workflow condition will pass to the next step/ New processing mode behavior)

Runtime Behaviour:-

  • None:  If the workflow to be run in the transactional or non- transactional mode. If it is set to none then it will run like an old mode.
  • Stop when an error occurred: Stop when an error occurred. While runtime processing workflows if an error occurs the system will abort the process.
  • Continue when an error occurred:  It will proceed with processing even errors are observed/occurred. It will continue and complete workflow processing.
  • Rollback when an error occurred:  As the name suggests, during processing if errors are encountered then it will rollback from the point errors are found. All the changes will be rolled back.

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