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  5. 21.2 How to create message type, for example:using WSDL or XSD…?

21.2 How to create message type, for example:using WSDL or XSD…?

This Document explain you that How can you create message type in Skyvva using WSDL or XSD.

1. Use of Uploading WSDL to model interface data structure

You can use Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) files to manage Content Server from a client application. SOAP is a lightweight, XML-based messaging protocol for encoding the information in web service request and response messages before sending them over a network.

The WSDL Generator component, WsdlGenerator, which is installed and enabled by default in Content Server, generates WSDLs for the services of Content Server. You can take the WSDLs and plug them into APIs to create web services for use with Content Server.

Some SOAP functionality has been built into the core Content Server. The WSDL Generator component is not essential for using SOAP. Administrators can still write service calls to Content Server in SOAP if needed. The WSDL Generator provides flexibility in altering existing client applications.

WebCenter Content has a WSDL 1.1 implementation that exposes the WebCenter Content IDCService (Internet Distributed Content Service), which in turn extends all of the capabilities of Content Server. With IDCService, you can do any of these tasks:

  • Check in or check out content
  • Create, run, or approve workflows
  • Make content available for publishing
  • Search content by category (metadata), content (full text), or a combination of both

You can use WSDL files to map to WebCenter Content and SOAP to access content and content management functions within WebCenter Content and to deploy your content management capabilities as a web service. Alternatively, you can write service calls to Content Server in SO

1.1      How to create message type by uploading a WSDL .

  • Open Integration Admin tab and create new MetaData Provider.
  • Create New Istructure Repository by clicking it under MetaData Provider related page.


  • MetaData Provider Name – Test_MetaData
  • IStructure Repository Name – IstructureRepo_Antra


1.2      Upload WSDL File

  • Click on upload button
  • Choose file and Save

1.3    Create an Interface (Inbound/ Outbound) and use the message type


Interface Direction Outbound

Interface Direction Outbound





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