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22.9 How to create Message Type from SKYVVA Business Object?


In this tutorial will show how to create a Message type by usingSKYVVA Business sObject. Skyvva Business sObject is a function that SKyvva designed for the user who wants to get Message Type from sObjects, but it is better than the function Salesforce sObject because Skyvva Business sObject can allow the user to use the sObject that user want.

How to use it? 


Create Metadata provider and repository type SKYVVA Business Object.

Step1:  We need to create a Meta provider and then create a Repository.

  • Click the new button to create the New Repository.
  • Fill the Name and choosing Type = SKYVVA Business Object, and click Save Button.

  • After we create the Repository, we need to create Message Type.
  • Click the New button to create Message Type. (see the example below).

  • We need to fill the Name of Message Type, choosing Type = SKYVVA Business Object, and Write the Message Type that We want in the fill sObject type. The example below is a writing Account in the sObject Type and save it.

  • After we save it, we got MessageType Account, and If we want to create a Hierarchical Message type, we need to stand in Message Type Account and scroll down to find Create Message Types (child) and click button New. The Example is below.

  • We create like the  Message Type’s Parent. Fill the Name, choosing Type= SKYVVA Business Object. And write the sObject that we want to create Message Type. The example below is creating a Contact Message type which is the child’s account.

  • After we click save, we will get Message Type Contact that is a child of Account’s Message Type. We can go to Repository again to check that the Message type was created.

Step2: Create Integration and Interface and using this Message Type.

  • after we put the Message type, we need to do mapping by clicking Open Mapping. (see the example below)

  • We can do mapping what fields we want after we do mapping; we can click Save Button. (an example is a bellow).

Step 3: connection destination and create an adapter for the Interface.

  • Create an Outbound Adapter for Interface.
  • Go to tap Adapter in Agent control board (old) and click the New button.
  • Fill folder, XML type, and Connection Destination.
  • Click the Save button.

  • Put the adapter in Interface by going to Interface and click edit.  ( Example is below.)

  • Put the adapter and click Save Button.

  • select the Interface and click Process Interface button.

  • Go to Monitor to see the result.


Finally, We have learned about how to create message types by using SKYVVA Business Object. Skyvva business Object is the function that helpful for user who wants to use some objects as a message type in Salesforce because Skyvva Business Object allows user to choose object that user wants to use.

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