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12.1 How to create hierarchical interface using VLOOKUP

This tutorial shows user how to use hierarchical interfaces by making parent and child using VLOOKUP

1.    What is hierarchical interface?

  • To arrange interfaces in order means hierarchical interface. It is structure in which interfaces are ranked according to levels of important.
  • In hierarchical Interfaces, one interface is a  parent’s of other interface. It means that child interface inherited External ID from its parent’s interface. For example, Account interface is parent’s contact interface because of Contact inherited External ID from Account.
  • Also One parent interface can have many child account but child interface has only single parent interface. eg. one Account can store many Contacts, but one Contact can’t store many Accounts.

2.   How to create Hierarchical Interfaces?

Follow the given steps:

  • Create Integration. (click on  Integration tab then fill in the Name Field and Save.)

  • Create two interface such as Account and Contact:

      Account Interface:-

      Contact Interface:-

3. Create linking Hierarchical interfaces

To link two different interfaces we need to create formula on contact interface. Follow the given steps to create formula on contact Interface:

  • Click on Integration tab. Open your integration
  • Click interface Name on integration level.
  • Scroll down the page to mapping section.
  • Tick on check box in formula section.

  • Write the formula in Expression section :


The Expression means we find Account that have External id on Target Account name is AccountNumber and mapping on Source Account name is AccNum.

  • Manual Load data to Account Interface and Contact Interface.

(Note: you need to load data Account first because Contact need to check External ID on Account. If you don’t do this it can’t link to Account)

Upload Data Account Interface:-

Push Record on message Board:-

Search On message board:-

Created Accounts:-

Upload data In Contact Interface:-

Push Records to message board:-

Search On Message board:-

Contact Created:-


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