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14.1 How to create hierarchical interface using VLOOKUP

Learning Objective:-

This unit describes:-

  • Describe what is hierarchical interface.
  • Comfortably use hierarchical interface to process hierarchical data.


To create hierarchical interface using VLOOKUP formula, we need to arrange interface in specific order. One interface is parent interface and another is its child where child interface inherited External ID from its parent’s interface. We use VLOOKUP formula which will search an object for a record where specified field matches the specified lookup value. If a match is found, returns another specified value.

What is hierarchical interface?

  • To arrange interfaces in order means hierarchical interface. It is structure in which interfaces are ranked according to levels of important.
  • In hierarchical Interfaces, one interface is a  parent’s of other interface. It means that child interface inherited External ID from its parent’s interface. For example, Account interface is parent’s contact interface because of Contact inherited External ID from Account.
  • Also One parent interface can have many child account but child interface has only single parent interface. eg. one Account can store many Contacts, but one Contact can’t store many Accounts.

How to create Hierarchical Interfaces?

Follow the given steps to create hierarchical interface using VLOOK UP.

Note: We have to create message type for Istructure. We can easily get hierarchical Istructure using message type. Also It is reusable in another interface.

To learn detail about message type feature we can follow this tutorial ->  How to create message type with different file format?

Step 1: We have to click on metadata provider tab and click on New button. In Skyvva, when we create metadata, Name filed is only mandatory field. On MetaData the Name cannot be duplicate.

Step2: Create Istructure Repository in created metadata. The purpose of Istructure is An Interface for a structure that contains the metadata of a structure.

–  We have click on related tab then click on new button to create Istrutcure repository.

–  We have to open our created Istructure repository.

Step 3:  We have to create message type.

–  click on upload file button. Pop up window should open.

–  Select file format which you want to upload. Here we used xml file to create message type.

Step4: Create Integration. (click on  Integration tab then fill in the Name Field and Save.)


Step5: Create Account Interface where:

  • Metadata: Test_metadata
  • IstructureRepository: Test_Istructurerepo
  • Message Type: Account

– Open the interface it should navigate to:

– Scroll down the page to source definition.


Create VLOOK Up Formula on contact field:

To open expresstion/formula window -> Select checkbox from “form as shown in screenshot. -> double click on the same row.

The Expression means we find Account that have External id on Target Account name is AccountNumber and mapping on Source AccountNumber  is Id.

Formula: VLOOKUP(account,Id,AccountNumber,Id)


  • CustomObjectName:  Selected from SObject. Here we have selected Account
  • FieldToRetrieve: Select from sObjects Fields. Here we have selected Account ID
  • FieldCondition1: Target field i,e AccountNumber and Source field i,e Id

Note: Fields and formula can be change as per our source field and mapping. This formula is regarding to the mapping only.

Test the formula and Save it.

Step 6: manually load data 

  • Go to integration detail
  • click on Manual load custom link

Push Record on  message  Board:

Step7: Search On message board:-

  • Click on message board button
  • search for all interface

Step8 : we can check linked account and contact.

  • click on related To link.

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