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29. What is an interface group and in which case is it used?

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • explain what is interface group.
  • How to create it and how to use it.


In SKYVVA, Integration is created to integrate data. To bind all interface which has same logic, we create group.

What is an interface group?

Interface group is a unit to group logical interfaces together. For example you can group interfaces which is related to each other e.g. Account and Contact to one interface group. Interface group is the object user define at configuration time.


Before create interface group, there are some properties you must know:
– Interface Group Name
– Integration
– Type
– Priority
– Package Size (Optional)
– Number of Record Per Batch (Optional)

1.  Interface Group Name: It’s a name of interface group.
2. Integration: The interface group which you created is belong to this integration.
Remember that only one interface group belong to an integration.
3. Type: This is a type of the interface group. The value of group can be (EO,EOIO).
– EO: Exactly Once
– EOIO: Exactly Once in Order
4. Priority: This property will allow you to define what priority you want to set for your
interface group to processed faster. There are 3 types of Priorities such as:
– High
– Medium
– Low
5. Package Size: This is the number of records to bundle together and pass to a
batch worker because of the optimization.
6. Number of Records per Batch: This property indicating the number of records to
be processed per execute() used for basket processing batch.

Types of interface group

There are two types of interface group which are Business related logical group and Technical group. This section will be explained in detail what these interface group types are.

Business related logical group
This group is business related since the contact can only be posted after the account has been posted ( when you put the interface account and contact to one group). It’s all about an order of business process. To keep this order you can define the group and set the property to “EOIO”. When you set this way the account will be posted before contact interface.

Technical group
The technical group is to increase the performance for the posting of data. You need to create this group to group the interfaces which are not related to business and these interface is quite small. Without wasting time and resource, you can sent these interfaces once in same time by set this group to “EO”.

How The creating of interface group

To create a new interface group, let’s look at some steps to be followed:
– Open “Integration Admin” and “Interface Group” tabs
– Click on “New Interface Group” to create a new one

 – Enter a name for an interface group and then select the integration where the
interface group belong to.

– Choose the type of the interface group

– Select the priority for the interface group then click Save

– Click on “Add Interfaces” to add interface to the group

– Select the interface you want to add to this new interface group

Here is the result of creating an interface group


When to use interface group

Interface group is used when you want to speed up interface processing. You can manually create interface group and assign the interfaces which you want to run beside the default IG.

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