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23.1 How to test SKYVVA soap and rest api using soapUi

What is a SOAP API ?

  •  SOAP is a standard communication protocol system that permits processes using different operating systems like Linux and Windows to communicate via HTTP and its XML.
  • SOAP based APIs are designed to create, recover, update and delete records like accounts, passwords, leads, and custom objects. These offers over twenty different kinds of calls that make it easy for the API developers to maintain their accounts, perform accurate searches and much more.
  • These can then be used with all those languages that support web services.
  • SOAP APIs take the advantages of making web based protocols such as HTTP and its XML that are already operating the all operating systems that are why its developers can easily manipulate web services and get responses without caring about language and platforms at all.

Integrate SoapUI to SKYVVA

  • Go to your Salesforce Organization
  • Click on API.
  • Click on Generate Enterprise WSDL

  • Save it.

  • Go to soap ui.
  • Click & create a new SOAP project
  • Write your Project name
  • Browse Initial WSDL XML file

  • Click ok


  • Expand login & click “Request 1

  • Delete this section its not un-useable


  • Enter your Org credetials
  • Username
  • Password + Scurity Token
  • Click on play button

Note : Refresh sessionId with 15-10 minutes because it changes frequently

  • Great you Generated sessionId successfully.

Now repeat almost same steps but this time download  SKYVVA  WSDL


  • Go to salesforce setup & Apex Classes in search box
  • Click Apex Classes

  • Scroll down to Iservices
  • Click & generate WSDL

  • Click on Save

  • Go to SoapUI
  • Click on SOAP
  • Create a new SOAP project

  • Type Project Name
  • Browse your Initial WSDL XML file
  • Click ok

  • Expand SkyvvaIServices
  • Go to integrate
  • Rename it to Authorization

  • Go back to your org
  • Create Integration & copy IntegrationID
  • Create Interface & copy Interface Name

  • Go to related page and create Istructure


  • Go to mapping section select ExtId & save

Go to SoapUI

Paste this code

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/“ xmlns:iser=“http://soap.sforce.com/schemas/class/skyvvasolutions/IServices“>

<!–Zero or more repetitions:–>
<!–Zero or more repetitions:–>


  • Submit

When you click on submit your code automatically transfer to salesforce Org

  • Go to your Salesforce org
  • Go to your Integration
  • Click on Message Board & press search button

2   What is REST API ?

REST is basically an architectural style of the web services that work as a channel of communication between different computers or systems on the internet. The term REST API is something else. Those application programming interfaces that are backed by the architectural style of REST architectural system are called REST APIs.

REST API compliant web services, database systems, and computer systems permit requesting systems to get robust access and redefine representations of web based resources by deploying a predefined set of stateless protocols and standard operations. By these protocols and operations and redeploying the manageable and updatable components without causing the effect on the system, REST API systems deliver fast performance, reliability, and more progression.

How to test rest api using soapUi

The examples in this section use REST API resources to create, retrieve, update, and delete records, along with other record-related operations.

  • Open SoapUI
  • Click on REST

  • Login to your Salesforce org
  • Go to setup
  • Copy your URL

  • Paste URL here to create new REST project
  • Click ok

  • Rest project created.


  • Expand URL
  • Right click on Request
  • Click on Clone Request

  • Specify the name of cloned Request
  • Eg. Authorization
  • Click ok

Now here something is very important

  • Method POST
  • Endpoint  URL  : https://shwetatest-dev-ed.lightning.force.com
  • RESOURCE : /services/apexrest/skyvvasolutions/integrateBatch

  • Media type by default application/json where we post. (json is format)
  • Header its some tricky although its easy
  • Click on Header


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