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9. Message Monitoring

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • what message monitor is.
  • How to use the message monitor in different case for example searching by content, sorting by Date etc


SKYVVA´s Free Dataloader is part of the SKYVVA´s Integration Cloud App where message monitoring shows the result of processed inbound or outbound Interface.  Here graphical representation of processed data is displayed. User can easily sort out the pass, fail or pending data.

What is Message Monitoring?

Message Monitoring is used to check integration result after processing Inbound or Outbound interface. The integration result includes Pending, Failed, Completed, Cancelled status and the reason why it failed.  Additionally, we can know the real Sobject is integrated successfully with completed status.


Configuration of Message Monitoring

We have to process interfaces for integrate data. Here, we will show you how to look at message monitoring and  how can we correct the message records in different cases. The different cases we supporting are:

  • Complete Message (Green): Completed messages flag is shown in green colour.
  • Failed Message (Red): Red messages flag is shown in Red colour
  • Pending Message (Yellow): Yellow messages flag is shown in Yellow colour

Completed Message
Completed Message is the message that is successfully integrated.

Navigates Integration Detail -> Messages Tab

-> Filters Section contains following fields:

  • Integration Name: You can choose which Integration you prefer to see the result
  • Interface Name: You can chose which Interface you prefer to see the result
  • Message Status:

There are many types of Status, but there are 3 common using types:

  • Green Flag    = Completed
  • Red Flag       = Failed
  • Yellow Flag   = Pending

Note:  You can select None if you prefer to see all types of message flags.

We have to click on Search button.

-> Messages Section

You will be able to see Total Number of Records in the example below.

Type: Inbound or Outbound

  •   Target: is target interface that is used to be integrated to
  •   Statue: It shows which flag is green, red or yellow… ect.
  •   Creation Date: It shows which date interface is created
  •   Modification Date: It shows which date interface is Modified

-> Message monitoring has following buttons:

  •   Select All: to select all Message results
  •   Deselect All: to Deselect all Message results
  •   Delete: delete only selected Messages
  •   Deleted All: to delete all Message results
  •   Cancel: cancel selected Messages that is pending status
  •   Cancel All: to cancel all Pending Message results


 Failed Messages

Message is Failed because of a lot of reasons, you can see it in the Comment. This is one of many reasons, such as it doesn‘t have some fields to fulfill and complete the information. As you can see the screen below, it is Failed since the Account Required fields are missing [Name].

Click on Edit and fill the missing information then Reprocess.

Click On edit.

Pending Message
Message is Pending because of a lot of reasons. This is one of many reasons, it is waiting for other Failed Message to be Completed first (Message queued – Waiting Message=IM#2017-06-21 11:08:38.853001 to be processed first). You can read reasons it is Pending in the Comment as an example below.

Note: You can not delete Pending Message. You will have to Cancel it to become Grey first.

After you Reprocess the Failed Message to become Completed, Check on the Pending Message and click on button Reprocess.

After Reprocessing the pending message it should display as:


Pending Message has become Failed because it required the missing Name. If it doesn‘t require the missing name and have a completed information, it would become Completed.

The  Failed Message because (After evaluating the data source (Name), no data passed for the mapped external id field (Name).

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