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10.2 What is “Don’t Persist Message” and how to use it?

Learning Objective:-

This unit describes:-

  • Describe what is Don’t Persist Message?
  • Comfortably use this feature.


This tutorial explains how to use Don’t Persist Message. It also describes the configuration.

What is Don’t Persist Message?

“Don’t Persist Message” is a flag that set to not persist the message into the database. The default value is “uncheck” meaning that the message will be persisted by default. You can use Don’t Persist Message for both Inbound and Outbound interfaces.

Only the successful messages are deleting but not the failed and pending messages.


The configuration:-

To configure “Don’t Persist Message” service, please follow the given steps:

Step 1:- Enter the interface detail page and check “Don’t Persist Message”  flag to activate the service.

Step 2:- Integrate the data

After you are done configuring, you can integrate the data into Salesforce. As an example, this document will be portraying the sample of integration through Agent. Log in to Agent enter Integration Scheduling then set the schedule to run.

Step 3:- The monitoring results in the Message Monitoring Board

Please log in to Salesforce and enter the Message Monitoring Board:-


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