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  5. 10.1 How to do Invoke callout mode Auto use only 10 callouts per transaction?

10.1 How to do Invoke callout mode Auto use only 10 callouts per transaction?

Learning Objectives:

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe What Invoke callout Auto mode is .
  • Comfortably use Invoke callout method.


This tutorial explains about the configuring of invoke callout Auto mode using Future and Batch processing method. It describes the process of performing this operation by execute the syntax in apex code.

1. What is Invoke callout Auto mode?

Invoke callout Auto mode is one type of callout which split records to callout as FUTURE and BATCH Processing. Future method used to callout for 10 per transaction, however, the performance have been enhance to do 50 callouts per execution. For the remaining records, BATCH Job will carry on the performance.

2. Why SKYVVA Callout Methods

The callout methods are using to send data from salesforce to external system (SFDC to SAP/SAP-PI) thru interface outbound. The Service only sends one record/children per request to SAP. To invoke callout from apex trigger the method invokeCallout(interfaceId, ids, ‘AUTO’) is recommended.

3. The configuring of Invoke callout

To do invoke callout, user can follow the steps below:

– Login to Salesforce and enter developer console

– Select Debug Menu and Open Execute Anonymous Window

– Enter Apex code in open window then Execute the code

Note: The callouts above is just an example to demonstrate for user. The following syntax is apex code which you can use, however, you can change the integration id which is in red letter.


List<Id> ids=new List<Id>();

List<Account> l=[select BillingCity from Account limit 120];

for(integer i=0;i<l.size();i++){




4. To check the result

You can check the result in Apex Jobs


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