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10. How to use message reprocessing?

Learning Objectives:-

This unit describes:-

  • Describe what is message processing and reprocessing?


This tutorial explains to the user what message reprocessing is and why we need this functionality. It describes the manual reprocessing and the automatic reprocessing done by the “MessageReprocess” job. It also explains which status makes sense to be reprocessed and which not.

What is MessageReprocess Job?

MessageReprocess Job is the process to be used for reprocessing failed and a pending message from the previous integration. It might be failed if the user does not edit or edit wrong business logic in IMessage Data.

Configuration of MessageReprocessing.

Following, we will show you how to use the MessageReprocess job to correct the message records in different cases. The different cases we support are:-

Pending Message (Yellow)

Failed Message (Red)

Pending Message:-

The message can be Pending because of a lot of reasons. They have been shown in Comment. It is one of many reasons that causes Pending, as an example below “This message has not met a condition of all workflows.”

You must correct your data to meet the condition of all workflows first before you can reprocess.

–  Manual Reprocess

After you correct your data and ready for reprocessing, please selects on which messages you want to reprocess then click on button Reprocess.

After Reprocessing:-

–  Schedule MessageReprocess Job

Navigates to Integration Admin -> Scheduler -> MessageReprocess

  • Finds which Integration name you would like to use schedule.
  • Sets how many minutes you would like the schedule to run.
  • Starts.

After that, Next Schedule Run will be appeared as in the picture mentioned below. You will be able to see the actual time that the schedule is going to run “5.24 AM“.


Pending Messages sometimes might have become failed because of missing some field.

Failed Messages:-

The message is Failed because of a lot of reasons, they have been shown in the Comment. This is one of many reasons, such as it missed some fields and incompleted. As you can see the screenshot below, it is “After evaluating the data source (accountname), no data passed for the mapped external id field (Name) and After evaluating the data source (accountname), no data passed for the mapped external id field (Name).“


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