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17. How to use CDC Control Board

This tutorial explains what CDC Control Board is and why we need it. It describes how to use it.

1.  What is CDC Control Board?
CDC Control Board is a place where you can monitor Change Pointer, Interfaces and Scheduler. These taps added to make thing easier for you and they have different function. Change Pointer is a table that store change pointer records. So you can easily monitor them on Change Pointer table in CDC Control Board rather than on Integration Admin tab. This also apply for Interfaces and Schedulers tab.

2.  How to use CDC Control Board
CDC Control Board is as important as the other boards of SKYVVA function. It located in Integration page detail and exist in Custom links section. If you want to know how to use this board please see the following:
2.1.  Finding CDC Control Board

In order to find CDC Control Board please follow the steps below:

1. Login to Salesforce and select Integration tab then click on Integration Detail page

2. Select on CDC Control Board which is on Custom Links section

2.2.  Monitoring CDC Control Board

When you open the CDC Control board you will find three tabs available which are Change Pointer, Interfaces and Scheduler. Each tabs have different functions and display things relatable with CDC. The following steps will show you how to monitor each tab:
2.2.1 Change Pointer

Change Pointer is a table which store change pointer records. The records are created by CDD. The records will store here until you set the scheduler (CDT) to transfer them to external system. It’s easy to monitor the change pointer records. To monitor Change Pointer, just simply:

1. Click on Change Pointer tab

2. Filter the Integration Name, Interface Name and the status of record you want to display

3. Click “Search an th result will display according to the status you set

2.2.2.  Interface

This tab display the interfaces that store in an Integration. You can easily check or monitor them. If you land on CDC Control board, just simply click on interface tab then you will see all the interfaces. However this tab is not editable like Interface tab in Integration detail page.

2.2.3 Scheduler

There are some schedulers available in Scheduler tab which are Change Data Detection (CDD) for Integration, Change Data Transfer (CDT) for Integration and Change Data Transfer SKYWWA DefaultIG Outbound for Interface Group. You can set the time and start the schedule or refresh it.
Note: If you manually create more Interface Group then they will display in the Scheduler tab.



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