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How to speed up batch processing?

This tutorial explains the configuring of speed up batch processing by check both “Don’t Persist Message” and “Use Optimize Mode”.

1. Why do we need to speed up batch processing?

Currently, the process of attachments in Batch processing take a lot of time to DeSerialize attachment to create message. In order to improve the performance, SKYVVA had decided to create a new mode to enhance. This mode is “Use Optimized Batch Mode”. However, your processing will be faster if your checkbox both “Use Optimized Batch Mode” and “Don’t Persist Message” They reduce 50% of time for batch processing.

2. How to do speed up batch processing

To speed up the batch processing, you have to:
– Check both “Don’t Persist Message” and “Use Optimize Mode”

– Enter Batch Control Board and click on Scheduler tab to set the schedule to run the Batch Processing.



– Start the schedule

Note: To be faster please input the number for package size, which is located in Interface group. The higher the faster.

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