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24. How to use Agent Control Board

This tutorial explains what Agent Control Board is. It also describes how to configure Server configuration in Agent,  Firewall Port configuration, and configuration Agent Control Board in SKYVVA tool.

What is Agent Control Board?

Agent Control Board is used to setup integration property to be connected to Salesforce. You can either create adapter and set a scheduler to run integration service. Likewise, it allow you to setup the Agent server credential for using SKYVVA Agent Control Board.

Server configuration in Agent

To be able to access to Agent Control Board, there are things you need to know. You have to configure the server in Agent by doing that it allow you to setup the Agent credential for SKYVVA Agent Control Board.

  • Navigate to AgentUI and enter Server Configuration

  •   Fill in Username => Password => Port Application => Click Save

Note: Only one user can use this.

  • Go to router configuration =>  Set static ip => forward port

Firewall Port configuration

This configuration allow you to setup the Agent Server credential for use with SKYVVA Agent control. You need to create a local port, as it is a requirement. To create local port you need to follow the steps below:

Configuration with both Inbound and Outbound

  •  Navigate to Search Button and type Window Defender Firewall With Advanced on your desktop => Click Inbound Rule =>Click New Rule => Tick Port => Click Next Button

  • Fill port number that in Specific Local Ports

  • Tick Allow The Connection => Click Next Button

  • Tick all box => Click Next Button

  • Fill Name => Click Finish Button

To configure Agent Control Board

You have to configure this step in order to connect to AgentUI. To configure this, there are steps you must followed:

Create Remote Site Setting
To create Remote Site Setting you can follow the steps below:

  • Navigate Setup => Type Remote Site Setting in Quick Find => click Remote Site Settings

  • Click on New Remote Site Setting button

  • Fill in Remote Site Name => Remote Site URL ( Public IP+ “:”Forward Port) => click Save


Configure Agent Control Board in SKYVVA tool
To configure Agent Control Board in SKYVVA tool you can:

–          Navigate to Agent Control Board => click configuration tab => Agent Setting => Agent Server Credential => Fill username => Fill Password => Fill Hostname/Public IP => Fill Port/Forwarding Port => click Ping Agent Connection =

  • Fill username => Password => Security Token => Select Server Environment => click Ping Salesforce Connection => click Save button


When you enter AGENT/ OS INFORMATION it will show the PC system.


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