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38.1 How to import hierarchical xml using Agent ?

Import hierarchical xml (Account, Contact & Case)

Hierarchical Interface

  • To arrange interfaces in order means hierarchical interface. It is structure in which interfaces are ranked according to levels of important.
  • In hierarchical Interfaces, one interface is a  parent’s of other interface. It means that child interface inherited External ID from its parent’s interface. For example, Account interface is parent’s contact interface because of Contact inherited External ID from Account.
  • Also One parent interface can have many child account but child interface has only single parent interface. eg. one Account can store many Contacts, but one Contact can’t store many Accounts.

Follow the given steps to Import hierarchical xml

  1. Create hierarchical relationship between account and contact interfaces.
  • Go to Salesforce organization
  • Click on ‘Integration Tab’
  • Create Integration
  • Save.

Go to Interface tab

  • Create three Inbound Interfaces
  • Account_Inbound
  • Contact_Inbound
  • Case_Inbound


Create Account Interface:

Create Contact Interface:

  • All Interfaces are created successfully .

  • Click on Account_Inbound Interface
  • Scroll down the page to Source Definition section
  • Browse XML file to generate Istructure.
  • Save it.

  • Do mapping in account interface:

  • Scroll down to IChained interfaces Section of Account_Inbound
  • Now create IChained interface on Account_ Inbound

  • Now click on Contact_Inbound Interface
  • Scroll down to Mapping section
  • Do mapping

  • Check Target ‘LastName’ as Ext Id
  • Create foreign key on Contact Interface:
  1. Click on New Foreign Key button
  2. Select the Lookup Field as AccountId.
  3. Select External_Id field
  • Save it.

Note: You can Create hierarchical interface using VLOOKUP and Foreign key. If you have a master/detail or lookup field between parent and child then you should go for foreign key to link them together.

2. Process xml file with agent.

  • Go to Agent Integration Setup Wizard
  • Select Account_Inbound interface
  • Click Edit Interface button

  • Now click Test Query button
  • Save it.

  • Now we integrate Data from Agent to Salesforce
  • Select Account_Inbound Interface
  • Press process button

3. Check imported data on message monitoring.

  • Go back to your Org.
  • Account_Inbound interface Message Board
  • Click on search button

  • To check hierarchical relationship click on related link.



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