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82.How to import attachment file to Account Using ContentVersion?


As we already learn about how to import base 64 data to Salesforce. Now we will learn about How to import attachment to Account’ business by using ContentVersion. Sometimes, the user wants to import only attachments to the Account business. SKYVVA has a limitation which can push file (Base64) around 1.6MB per transition. So if the user wants to import many files to Account, we need to use vlookup function to find Account.

How to use import Attachment to Account by using ContentVersion?


-Create MetaData provider and repository for the upload message type

-Connection destination and create an adapter

-Create Integration and Inbound Interface

Configuration of pushing SObject and attachment (base 64 data) in the same XML file.


We need to have a Repository to upload structure for do mapping. How to create a MetaData provider, repository, and upload the message type, we can refer to the following guide https://apsara-consulting.com/docs/skyvva-administration-guide-v2-41-lightning/repository/ for metadata provider.

First, we need to upload the XML structure that is the same as the data we want to import to Salesforce.

-Go to Repository Detail and click the button Upload File.-Choosing file type to upload and click Button save. which means we create Message Types.

-Scroll down to see Message Types.

Step 2:

We go to the Agent control board (old)  to connect the destination. How to use the Agent control board (old). (Please refer https://apsara-consulting.com/docs/tutorial-v2-41-lightning/how-to-use-agent-control-board/ ).

-Connection Destination in Agent Control board


Create an Adapter in the Agent control board (old), and We need the Adapter to transfer the data from one System to another system or computer. Here’s an example below.

-Go to Adapter on Agent Control Board (old).

-Click the New Button to create an Adapter.

-After that, fill in the name, type, direction, status, properties, and click the button save. Follow the example below.


we need an Inbound Interface for import data to Salesforce.

-Create Integration and Inbound Interface with Message Types that we had uploaded.
-Put an adapter, MetaData Provider, Repository, Message Type, and click button save.

Source Name we choosing ContentVersion.
-We need to do the formula and use Vlookup on-field FirstPublishLocationId. How to use VlookUp.


Syntax :

please follow this tutorial on how to use VLookup https://apsara-consulting.com/docs/tutorial-v2-41-lightning/formular-reference-guide/.-We need to Formula on-field IsMajorVersion.-After that, go to the Agent control board (old) =>Select Integration.-Select the Interface tap, choose the interface, and click the Button PROCESS INTERFACE.-Go to Monitor to see the result


In this tutorial, we have learned about How to import files to ContentVersion in Salesforce. This function is useful for users who want to import files to Business Sobject. We need to follow four steps to this function, as we have learned already.

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