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  5. 37.1 How to Export CSV file without quotes using the Agent ?

37.1 How to Export CSV file without quotes using the Agent ?

This Doc explain you that how can you export CSV file without quotes using agent.

What is Quotes?

  • “Has Quotes“ is a new adapter field , its functions according to business requirement .
  • For default value is check for process with old functionality to export data with quotes using Agent.
  • Value is uncheck for process with new functionality to export data without quotes using Agent.This is the root case for export CSV file without quotes.


Follow the given steps to export CSV file:

  • Create Folder  to your local  machine (to save the data on your m/c we have to create folder).
  • Create adapter for outbound processing.

  • Create Integration.

  • Create Interface.

  • Now Go to Agent

  • Select your Integrations  name
  • Click on Edit Interface button


  • SELECT BillingCity,BillingCountry,BillingState,BillingStreet,Name FROM Account
  • Click on Run Query
  • Click on Ok button


  • Click on Test query button.
  • Save it.

  • Now Go your salesforce dev org
  • Click on your Interface which you created
  • Scroll down to mapping section
  • Map the Target fields
  • Select Name Ext Id
  • Save it.


  • Now last step go to Agent
  • Select Interface & Click process button

  • Press  ok  button.
  • Go to your local machine folder csv file exported.

  • Open file with notepad ++
  • See your export CSV file without quotes



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