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36. How to do invoke callout using Queueable mode?

What is Queueable mode?

As you know that, customer is as our priority, so we want to provide a quality tools for them. For callout, we want to enhance the performance in order to support other technique, which is “Queueable”. Queueable have added to “Auto” mode. In a new release “Auto” mode supports future, batch and queueable.

The configuring of Invoke callout using Queueable mode

To callout, using “queueable”, there are some steps should be follow:
1. Interface configuration

  • Choose outbound type
  • Asynchronous Processing mode
  • And choosing adapter

  • Navigate to Developer Console then click on Debug Menu and Open Execute Anonymous Window

  • Enter Apex code below then Execute the code

skyvvasolutions.CallOutControl c=new skyvvasolutions.CallOutControl();
List<String> lId = new List<String>();
for(Account a : [SELECT Id FROM Account]){
skyvvasolutions.IServices.invokeCallout2(‘IntegrationName’,’InterfaceName’,lId, ‘QUEUEABLE’, c);

3 To check the result
After you done executed the code, you can either check the result in apex job and
Message monitoring.
– Check in Apex Job

Check on Message Monitoring

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