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37. How to do Hierachical mapping?

This tutorial explains about the configuring of hierarchical mapping. It describes the process of performing integration from external system.

1. What is Hierarchical mapping?

Hierarchical mapping is a mapping which you can map all different part of data from different sObject into the tree target structure.

2. Pre-requisite:

  • When we use message type, it  means that  parent interface  contains child interface.
  • Child interface is created by message type automatically you did mapping on the parent interface.
  • The agent can read interface from skyvva/salesforce that interface type= Main-Interface only.

Follow the given steps to create message type:

2.1  Create MetaData Providers -> New MetaData Providers

2.2 Create IStructure Repository click on New IStructure Repository

2.3  Create 3New Message Type (account, contact) click on New Message Type

Account Interface:

Contact Interface:

2.4  Click on Message Types Related tab then click on Message Type field entry ->New button

  • New Button Navigate to:

Follow the same steps for contact Interface.

3. The configuration

To configure this, there are steps should be followed:

  • Create an Interface which Lookup to MetaData Provider, IStructure Repositoy and Message Type

  • Enter the Interface detail page, which you had just create, and mapping with flat field that include Account and Contact with sObject tree and then make VlookUp account with Contact.

  • Then right click on field that we do vlookup

  • The following screen display that the Interface is automatically chain with contact after done mapping and VLOOKUP

4. Go to Agent To process data:

  • Click on agent icon,  Select your integration, Interface. 
  • Click On edit Interface button.

  • Save adapter and process the interface.

5. The monitoring result in Message Monitoring Board

Please log in to Salesforce and enter Message Monitoring Board.

You can Check the result:



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