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95. How to use Quick Action?

Learning Objectives:-

This unit describes:-

  • About Quick Action.
  • How to use it?


The lightning version does not support with custom button, So we need to implement our tool to generate a script of the lightning component to use with quick action instead of a button. We have a tool Skyvva Trigger which generates SKYVVA Trigger scripts where we have a trigger type “Quick action”.

Pre- Requisite:-

  • Create Integration.
  • Create an Outbound Interface.

Follow steps as shown below:

  • Fill fields in the interface as shown below
  • Enter Name
  • Status: Deployed
  • Operation Type: Upsert
  • Type: Outbound
  • Fill in Adapter
  • Click save button


  • Enter to Integration Tab
  • Open SKYVVA Trigger Tab
  • Fill in Trigger Type
  • Integration Name
  • Interface Name
  • Select Object
  • Trigger Mode
  • Click on Generate Script


  • Go to Set Up
  • Developer Console
  • Click on File
  • Select New Lightning Component
  • Fill in Name
  • Tick on Lightning Quick Action
  • Click on Submit


  • Click on Component
  • Copy script form Script Generation Component and paste in Component


  • Click on Controller
  • Copy the script from Script Generate JS Controller and paste in Controller


  • Navigate to Set up
  • Object Manager
  • Account
  • Buttons, Links and Actions
  • New Action
  • Fill in Required fields
  • Save


  • Enter to Page Layouts
  • Account Layout
  • Mobile& Lightning Actions
  • Drag into Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions


  • Enter to Account
  • It will show the Button we’ve created
  • Click on that Button


  • Go to Message Board
  • Click Search will show the records that we callout


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