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93. How to use Agent Control Board (New)?


The new agent control board is a component which can connect different application system. Besides the component connect that we build on salesforce already.  But some protocol we cannot build on salesforce which technically not possible. That’s why we build a new component called “Any Connect” which is based on apache camel is open source around the world.

  • Now we need to create a connection destination. For that, we can give any name to the destination. As shown below.

Click on continue button to move forward. We need to insert your server host URl, Its post number, username and password of your server. here

Host URL:

Port:  9055

username: skyvva

password: *****

  • Fill all the required fields in Salesforce > Agent.


  • Click on the Ping Agent connection.


  • Fill all the required fields in Agent > Salesforce.

  • Click on the Ping Salesforce connection.
  • And save it.

User can see the Agent Control Board Tabs which are

  • Configuration Tab
  • Integration Tab
  • Interface Group Tab
  • Adapter Tab
  • Schedulers Tab
  • Log Configuration
  • Logs Tab
  • Import Metadata
  • Cache Monitor
  • Adapter Monitor
  • Agent Cache
  • System Information Tab




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