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  4. 47. How to export the Metadata in different format as xsd, XSD (Response for V3 Inbound), json schema, WSDL 1.1, swagger 2.0/OpenAPI 2.0 and openApi 3?
  5. 47.2 How to export XSD (Response for V3 Inbound)?

47.2 How to export XSD (Response for V3 Inbound)?

Learning Objectives:-

This unit describes:-

  • About XSD (Response for V3 Inbound)
  • How to use it?


We implement XSD exportation for the response template of v3 inbound processing API. It is located at two places such as generic place (custom link in integration) and interface detail page. It’s an integrateSynchronous API. If we use this API, it will get the standard response from SKYVVA without creating a response interface in SKYVVA

Pre- Requisite:-

  • Create an Integration
  • Create an Outbound Interface
  • Create a Metadata provider
  • Create a Repository
  • Create a Message Type
  • Link Message Type with Outbound Interface

The Process is given below:-

  • The message type which we have already created has a message type field entry which we can check on the related page of the message type. As shown in the picture given below.

  • Open on the Integration tab.
  • Click on the “Generate metadata”.

  • Choose a format file-  “XSD(Response For V3 Inbound)”
  • Select Outbound Interface in Create WSDL For Interface.
  • Click On Export.


It will generate Response for V3 Inbound template include message Type name and two fields such as Subject and Description

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