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  5. 124.3 How to use RabbitMQ Inbound Adapter with JSON Payload?

124.3 How to use RabbitMQ Inbound Adapter with JSON Payload?

Rabbit MQ differs from Active MQ and other message brokers in a way that we need to post a message to an Exchange provided by it. This Exchange will then forward the message to a queue or topic based on the routing key property.
This adapter supports 3 types of data formats i.e. CSV, XML and JSON.


We can check JSON Data on RabbitMQ Server:

 Link: Where exchange will be automatically created once you callout code.


UseCase: Agent RabitMQ Adapter for Json payload.

Objective: Test rabbitMQ Inbound adapter for Json Format


  1. Create Integration.
  2. Create Metadata Provider, IStructure Repository and Create Flat Message Type.
    • Metadata Provider:Agent_ActiveMQ_RabbitMQ_JMS_Metadata
    • IStructure Repository: RabitMQJSON
    • Message Type: AccountMT


Step1:To Create Agent RabbitMQ JSONInbound Adapter:

  • Go to Integration (Example: Agent_RabbitMQ_Integration)
  • Click on link AGENT Control Board.
  • Go to Adapter Tab and Click on New Button.
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