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119. What is the new Data Loader?


SKYVVA´s Free Dataloader is part of the SKYVVA´s Integration Cloud App and is a
]\native force.com App. As a true Cloud Service data can be uploaded over the Web without the need to install any software or hardware. SKYVVA´s FreeDataloader is perfectly suited for a business analyst and administrator to manage the import of critical business information such as accounts, contacts, assets products, leads or orders on time without being reliant on limited IT resources. Based on an intuitive (Salesforce Look & Feel) Web interface SKYVVA´s Free Dataloader is very easy to configure (No Coding) and maintain. The Free Dataloader is installed as a tab ‘Integration’ directly in the Salesforce menu bar. Fields are mapped by a visual editor, data are transformed using a formula editor. All operations are executed in the familiar Salesforce Look & Feel. Business analysts or administrators get alerted about failure in the service and are enabled to resolute data transforming or process logic without IT help via a message board.


This document describes administrative tasks required to manage the data integration from your system to salesforce.

Scope and Advantage

Currently, our data loader import the file and the user needs to wait until the import process finishes. Sometimes for big size file, it takes too long and they should have the option to choose the mode e.g. online import or using our batch mode. In the batch mode, we will create the file and store the record for processing with our batch scheduler.

Architecture Overview

SKYVVA´s Dataloader is a native Salesforce App and is designed to integrate data supporting CSV/XML format via a manual file upload. It is simple, intuitive and powerful to built integration in minutes. It is a Config&Click graphical mapping tool. Skyvva data loader use to upsert, insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records. Data Loader is running in Bulk mode. If we want to send data to email, we can check the flag batch mode. But to use this mode we need to make sure that we have library SKYVVA__Workspace. If not go to create it.

Where you find the Dataloader?

“Dataloader” is located on integration level in the form of custom link.

This Custom link to Data loader dashboard.

On this first tab we can select function whatever we want to execute. Either you can Import data or export from salesforce.

  1. Import Data: The DataLoader is mainly used for importing data from file in csv, XML or json format. We can do import Starting from inbound interface.
  2. Export function: Like import function Dataloader is used for exporting data in file in csv, XML or json format. We can do Export Starting from out bound interface

first screen of dataloader:




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