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110. Agent File Adapter


This tutorial explains the Agent File adapter. Agent File adapter uses to integrate data from file to SFDC and from Salesforce to file. The File Type that Our Agent support is CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, and, CSV Fixed Length that can be integrated with their content.

We have 4 protocol of Agent File adapter in Agent:

  • Local
  • FTP
  • FTPs
  • SFTP

We have “File Handling Mode” using for Outbound Agent File Adapter:

  • Append
  • New

We have “What to do with the file after Processing?” using for Inbound Agent File Adapter:

  • Delete File
  • Backup File

Event-driven mode

The Agent file adapter will have a new mode e.g. event-driven mode to read files from the folder whenever new files arrive. The old File adapter support only the scheduling mode where we need to define the time and frequency when the file gets to pick up and process. With this new model, we add the real-time and event-driven feature to pick up immediately when they are there. We support this mode in addition to the existing scheduled mode. The consumer can be started only for the inbound interface.

Agent File Adapter

We have 2 Agent File Adapter:

  • Outbound Agent File Adapter uses for writing files from salesforce to file. We need an outbound Agent file adapter when we want to send data out from salesforce. To use the agent file for the Producer, we need to configure the Agent Control Board, and we need to create an Agent File adapter.
  • Inbound Agent File Adapter uses for file reading using the new event-driven mode with the consumer. We have an event-driven listener which is a camel consumer. We don’t need a scheduler. We add the real-time and event-driven feature to pick up immediately when they are there.

Check the picture given below for reference.


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