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105. Agent REST Adapter


Agent REST Adapter is a new feature like the existing REST adapter. Agent REST can callout an API system that provides the REST API with public and local API. It is useful for the user can keep their data for the local system and safe. To use the Agent REST adapter, we need an Agent application for a store in the local machine that this adapter is like a connection salesforce to the agent machine and the agent machine connect to the backend application.

The processing of Agent REST Adapter

Here is the picture of the processing of the Agent REST adapter


 This picture will explain to you the processing of Agent REST adapter, we will be able to see the internet zone has Skyvva and salesforce where the local network zone has Agent machine and backend application. The Agent has the responsibility for making connections for each other. Example: In real business, we don’t want any system that van access our system and protect our data from being safe, we can make our data secure, so we need to use a local network zone to install Agent machine and backend applications such as SAP or Oracle. Of course, it useful for the user to export data to salesforce to the backend application. 


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