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100. Agent Pulsar adapter

Learning Objectives:-

This unit describes:-

  • About Agent Pulsar Adapter?
  • Event-based communication.
  • What is the advantage of using it?


This tutorial explains about the Agent Pulsar adapter. Pulsar is basically an Event-based communication. Event-based communication contains two main components: Publish (Producer) and Subscribe (Consumer). The work of a publisher is to publish messages into a queue or topic which is Kafka or Pulsar and the middleware tool like Kafka and Pulsar will maintain the message, they follow the principle of Publish and Subscribe. And they will deliver messages to the consumer. Then all the applications can subscribe. For example, Netflix plays the role of a publisher. and we play the role of the subscriber(Consumer). Same way Pulsar Adapter works which we will see in this tutorial.

Few Points to know related to Pulsar are given below:

Event-based Communication:

This is the modern way of communication between different applications. It has two components: Publish and subscribe. For example, Netflix, youtube.

  • We can see the picture given below for reference. The SAP is a producer who pushing messages and Kafka or Pulsar works here as middleware, and maintain messages. All other applications like Twitter, HubSpot, salesforce is a consumer or subscriber here. So SAP just needed to publish it one time, they don’t need to send it to different applications individually.

  • One more example for better understanding.

We all use Netflix to watch movies. It uses the Queuing tool and streaming tool. Netflix here plays the role of producer and we play the role of the consumer. Netflix uploads Movie once and all others who are subscribers of Netflix can watch.

They do not need to request again and again. To send it individually it takes so much time, here we just needed to upload once and all the subscribers will get it.

Event-Driven Technology Terminology:

We have 5 main Event terminology.

  1. Publish
  2. Subscribe
  3. Streaming
  4. Producer
  5. Consumer

Check the picture below for description.

Any Connect:

  • Any connect is an easy tool that helps users to get your data into Salesforce objects.
  • Any Connect can also be used to extract data from database objects into any of the destinations as per business requirements.
  • Similarly, Agent can use to perform bulk deletions by exporting the ID fields for the data we wish to delete and using that source to specify deletions through the Any Connect.
  • Many networks and server monitoring solutions use what are called “Any Connect” to get values from the machines they are monitoring. It is programs that run on the remote machines and communicate with the main monitoring system. Some merchants try to hide the fact that they use Any Connect. They will try to deliver things like they “deploy” to remote systems or use other words, but it all compresses to installing custom software on the remote machines.
  • We have available connectors like Pulsar, Kafka, Database, File, ftp, ftps, sftp, SOAP and REST.

Pulsar Adapter:

We have 2 Pulsar Adapter-

  • Outbound Pulsar Adapter:

We need an Outbound Pulsar Adapter when we want to send data out from salesforce, here We need to create a topic first. From salesforce, we can send data messages to the API endpoint of our agent, and then we have a camel producer to publish into the topic invoice, which is on the Kafka side. This is the outbound process because we are sending data out here, It plays the role of Producer.

  • Inbound Pulsar Adapter:

We use Inbound Pulsar Adapter when somebody pushes the topic into a topic customer on the Kafka side, then we are consuming. We have an event-driven listener which is camel consumer. We don’t need a scheduler. We can consume immediately. This is the Inbound process because we are receiving data here. It plays the role of the consumer.

Check the picture given below for reference.


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