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3. Upgrading to a new release


If there is a new version available, you will get noticed by the SKYVVA support and you will get a link to install the new software.

Use this URL to install the package into any organization:

To install the new version you have to distinguish between develop, test or production instance. For test instance beginning with https://test.salesforce.com, you have to replace the string login.salesforce.com by test.salesforce.com

Development instance:

Test instance:

Production instance:

When you click on the link or past the link into your browser, you get this screen. In this screen example, you see the upgrade from version 1.53 to 1.62. Follow now the instructions on the screen. In the end, you will get an email, which informs you whether the installation was successful, or not.

In addition, follow the next few steps with your preferred settings.

After finishing, the next steps the installation is in progress, and you will get informed via email when everything is completed.

Here is an example mail:

Your request to install package “SKYVVA Integration Suite 2.16” was successful.


Organization: SKYVVA GmbH (00Db0000000d8jx)

User: Ly-Na Phu (005b0000000w1eO)

Package: SKYVVA Integration Suite (04t9000000026AL)

Some components, such as custom objects, custom report types, and workflow rules, must be activated using the package deploy process before they are available to your organization.


Thank You,



If you get a mail with error, please contact the SKYVVA support.

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