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5.7 Automated report for failed and pending message

Due to business needs, a new functionality needs to develop in SKYVVA iPaaS solution. A new automated report for failed/rejected messages per interface needs to created and emailed on a specified frequency. We need a daily report, the emails that are triggered every time a message fails are not useful because we receive several hundred/thousands per day (also if the message is reprocessed automatically) and they are unmanageable.

To monitor the message, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click on Integration Admin-> Reports & Links -> Message Report

  • Then filters on Integration Name, Interface Name, Message Status as below


  • Click on search button you will see all the failed messages

Note: You can search two or more statuses in the same time (Pending, Failed).

To show the messages fields, you just click on Additional view option.

If you need to export message report, there are two options for you to choose:

  1. Send Report with All Result by email
  2. Download Current Display Result

When you click on Send Report with All Result by email, you will get all of messages in your email automatically.

  • Filter email or user

  • Check your email

On the other hand, you can also set the time to get the message by email too. To set it, you can just:

  • Filter on Schedule Option

  • Start the time


  • However, when you click on Download Current Display Result, you will get only 10 failed messages that show on the screen and it will download directly as csv file.



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