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4. Apply and renew license key


After a period of time, the license key will be expired. You need to extend the validity of the key. From the support team, you will get the key and you have to apply to all user who has done the integration.

Select the entire user and press on the button “Renew Key”. You have to go page by page. In this example, we have many users and it could not show in one view but spread to five pages. It means that you have to go page by page, select the user and apply the license key.

In this view 38 User has selected.

Past the key, you got from our support into this dialog and press “Renew Key”. Here is the result after applying the license key on the first page. We can see that we got the new validity.

However, on the second page where we still do not apply for the license, we get the old validity. Therefore, take care to apply license for all user on all page view!


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