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6. Processing/Reprocessing

SKYVVA Data Loader

SKYVVA’s Data loader is an SKYVVA’s tool that you can upload the file CSV, XML to SFDC like manual load or mass manual load tools.

To upload the file using manual load

Assuming you already have an interface and done mapping, the next steps are:

  • Move back to the Integration Detail page by clicking on the button Manual Load.
  • On the Manual Load page, you will have chosen the same file (1) and Upload (2) again

This is the ‘Total Records Found‘ in the Data area of the CSV file structure.

Checking on Action which records you would like to upload -> Push -> and Message Board.

After you did upload the file you can enter the Message Monitoring Board to check the result.

As you can see the status of uploaded record was green which means it was the completed. In case that you want to see your Account Detail In the Message area, clicking on ‘Related To‘ to jump there.


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